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    Dmitry Medvedev congratulated employees of Irkut Corporation with the 80th anniversary of Irkutsk Aviation Plant
    Russian Aviaton » Thursday September 4, 2014 20:09 MSK

    Chairman of the Government of Russia, Dmitry Anatolievich Medvedev, congratulated employees and veterans of Irkutsk Aviation Plant (part of Irkut Corporation) with its 80th anniversary, the corporation’s press-service reports.

    «Irkutsk Aviation Plant (now part of Irkut Corporation) did much to improve the country’s defense capabilities. In 1940s the enterprise manufactured over 2000 combat aircraft. Today in the network of State Defense Order the plant delivers Su-30SM multi-role fighters and Yak-130 operational trainers to Russian air forces. Your enterprise is one of the best ones in Russia thanks to its high-skilled employees and ability to implement unique technologies and solutions within a short time. Products manufactured by Irkut Corporation are in demand at the global market. The future of the corporation is connected with MS-21 – the most advanced Russian passenger aircraft», - said in the letter of congratulation sent by Dmitry Medvedev.      

    Dmitry Medvedev wished the employees and veterans of Irkutsk Aviation Plant good health, luck and successful implementation of all the projects.

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