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    Sergey Ivanov congratulated Irkut Corporation with the 80th anniversary of Irkutsk Aviation Plant
    Russian Aviaton » Thursday September 4, 2014 20:07 MSK

    Chief of the Presidential Administration of Russia, Sergey Ivanov, sent a letter of congratulation to Irkut Corporation as well as employees and veterans of Irkutsk Aviation Plant in connection with the 80th anniversary of the enterprise, press-service of Irkut Corporation reports.

    "Dear Sirs! I would like to congratulate you with the significant date – the 80th anniversary of Irkutsk Aviation Plant. Proud history of your enterprise rich with labor achievements and heroic deeds is inseparably associated with the most important stages of development of the national aircraft industry, names of outstanding scientists, engineers and designers. The enterprise and its employees always did their best, held the bar high in terms of quality and implemented unique technologies and innovations", - said in the letter.

    "During the Great Patriotic War, the dedication and professionalism of the plant’s employees as well as their responsibility and patriotism helped strengthen the potential of the national military aviation and allowed our pilots to win battles. I am glad that today you are keeping up the traditions of your predecessors, looking up to veterans and their dedication, opening up new horizons and implementing advanced projects. I am confident that Irkutsk Aviation Plant will keep on contributing to defense capabilities of our country and improvement of the country’s competitiveness at the global aviation market. I wish you well-being, luck and all the best", - Ivanov added.

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