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    Serial production of Rysachok aircraft will be started in 2015
    Russian Aviaton » Saturday August 9, 2014 00:55 MSK

    The serial production of new regional aircraft Rysachok will be launched in 2015. Minister of Industry and Trade, Denis Manturov, told President, Vladimir Putin, about it during meeting dedicated to problems of general aviation, press-service of the Ministry of Industry and Trade reports.

    «As for general and regional aviation, we have elaborated a program for re-engining of An-2 aircraft, which are in demand right now», - Manturov told the president.

    Vladimir Putin, in his own turn, noted that An-2 aircraft is outdated. «I understand that we need to upgrade these vehicles; we can equip them with new engines and avionics. But we have been discussing brand-new products», - he said.

    The Minister added that research activities carried out in the network of development of several aircraft seating from 12 to 16 passengers were started last year. «This is a research project implemented by TsAGI. We are also using the potential of our Novosibirsk branch, which should demonstrate a pilot project next year. We should complete certification and launch serial production of these liners in 2017», - he said.

    As for Rysachok project, Manturov said that the work is in progress and TsSKB Progress plans to complete the aircraft’s certification in 2014. Next year they plan to launch its serial production. «We believe that Russian airlines headquartered in constituents of Russian Federation will use these liners extensively, because they can be operated from unpaved runways», - he said.

    Vladimir Putin noted that the ministry must consider the possibility of installing Russian-produced engines on this aircraft instead of foreign analogues.

    «At present the aircraft is powered by a Czech engine. However, we are developing a Russian engine and we plan to complete its certification and launch the engine’s serial production by late 2016», - Denis Manturov said.

    We remind you that Rysachok is a light twin-engine turboprop developed in Russia by Technoavia Company and manufactured by TsSKB Progress. It is a low-wing monoplane. It is powered by two М601F engines manufactured by Walter (Czech Republic) having a power of 750 h.p. each. It is equipped with state-of-the-art avionics and may be operated under any lighting and weather conditions. It may be operated from unpaved runways with a length of 500 m.

    Rysachok is designed for training of civil aviation pilots; transporting passengers and cargo; paradropping; patrolling the border (including sea border), highways, oil and gas pipelines, power transmission lines, etc.; search-and-rescue operations, including transportation of EMERCOM teams, transportation of injured persons on stretchers: carrying out aerial photography and environmental monitoring. In addition, Russian Ministry of Defense is interested in using a version of Rysachok fitted with light weapons for patrolling.

    Initially the aircraft was designed for carrying 9 passengers; however, the version seating 16 passengers will be manufactured. Moreover, a version of Rysachok seating 19 passengers is being developed.

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