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    Russia prepared retaliatory measures after Dobrolet grounded
    Russian Aviaton » Saturday August 9, 2014 00:54 MSK

    Russian aviation authorities may stop some European charter flights, change trans-Siberian routes, and close the airspace for Ukrainian airlines, in response to sanctions against Dobrolet imposed by EU, ITAR-TASS reports with reference to a source familiar with the situation.

    “This may mean the suspension of cargo and passenger charter flights performed by airlines having temporary flight permissions, issued in excess of quota stipulated in air service agreements”, - he said.

    Moreover, air corridors over Russia may also be changed; first of all this refers to trans-Siberian routes. "This will cause the increase of the flight time, resulting in increased costs for EU carriers connected with increased fuel consumption and crew salary, - the source added. - Thus EU airlines will lose competitive edge over Asian carriers".

    According to the source, the current political situation may stall the negotiation process in the network of agreements reached related to upgrade of the existing procedures for using trans-Siberian routes.

    The aviation authorities may also close the air space for transit flights performed by Ukrainian airlines, the source added.

    The Ministry of Transport confirmed the fact of considering a list of retaliatory measures and reminded that the corresponding task was set by the Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

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