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    Ka-175 surveillance UAV may perform its maiden flight within a year
    Russian Aviaton » Saturday August 9, 2014 00:53 MSK

    The multi-service (may serve as a ship-based vehicle as well as the land-based one) attack and reconnaissance UAV Ka-175 may perform its maiden flight within a year, ARMS-TASS reports with reference to the General Designer of Kamov Design Bureau, Sergey Mikheev.

    The detailed design documentation for Ka-175 system comprising small vertical takeoff and landing UAVs is ready. Mikheev stated it at the 'Breakthrough innovative technologies in development of UAVs for the Russian Defence Ministry' conference.
    "At present we have a mockup of Ka-175. In case of taking the appropriate decision, the UAV may perform its maiden flight within a year", - he noted.

    Sergey Mikheev also added that Ka-175 UAV combined with ship-based Ka-52K helicopters may successfully perform combat tasks, in particular, perform maritime missions at altitudes of up to 7000 m, carry out reconnaissance at water areas located at a distance of 400-500 km and transfer targeting data to attack ships.

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