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    A new training facility for Mi-17V-5 helicopters was opened in Nicaragua
    Russian Aviaton » Thursday August 7, 2014 21:21 MSK

    In the network of military-technical cooperation, a new integrated training facility was put into operation in Nicaragua. The facility was developed by CSTS Dinamika under a contract with the air forces of Nicaragua; it is designed for training of personnel operating Mi-17V-5 helicopters, press-service of Dinamika reports.

    The training facility comprises the following components:

    - full-mission simulator for Mi-17V-5 helicopter designed for pilot training in the area of pilotage, navigation and usage of air-launched weapons in a wide range of altitudes and speeds under any weather and lighting conditions as well as doing emergency drills;
    - part task trainer designed for personnel’s skills training in terms of using cabin equipment during preparation for the flight and at different phases of flight, as well as flight training as part of a group of two helicopters;
    - external load operator station designed for practicing interaction between crew members during transportation of cargo using the external sling as well as improving skills in the area of fire-fighting using helicopter bucket;
    - paratrooper simulator designed for training of paratroopers; the simulator helps improve skills in the area of parachute steering and allows doing emergency drills;
    - CBT designed to provide theoretical training for flight and maintenance personnel operating Mi-17V-5 helicopters.

    «Specialists of CSTS Dinamika have successfully completed commissioning and startup of the training facility for Mi-17V-5 helicopter. The training of flight and maintenance personnel of the air forces of Nicaragua has also been successfully completed. The air forces have taken delivery of such advanced training system for the first time ever. The training facility allows carrying out the full training cycle for personnel operating Mi-17V-5 helicopters», - the company added.

    In 2014 the total time of flight training carried out using the facility will be 480 hours. The training will be focused on improving the skills of young inexperienced pilots. The high-quality ground training will assure the flight safety and efficient use of these vehicles in future.

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