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    Russian armed forces took delivery of a new man-portable air defense system “Verba”
    Russian Aviaton » Friday August 29, 2014 21:28 MSK

    Russian armed forces took delivery of a new man-portable air defense system “Verba” developed by Kolomna-based Design Bureau of Machine Building (KBM, part of Vysokotochnye Kompleksy (stands for High Precision Systems) Holding Company). This system is unmatched, press-service of Rostec State Corporation reports.
    «State testing of the system was completed in 2011. Today Verba man-portable air defense system is operated by a division of Airborne Forces and an infantry brigade of the Eastern Military District. The personnel, who have already tried the system, say that it is the best one in the world. Verba features unmatched acquisition range and damage area. 9K333 Verba man-portable air defense system outmatches currently operated 9K310 Igla-1, 9K38 Igla and 9K38 Igla-S systems as well as their foreign analogues –Stinger-Block-I (USA) and QW-2 (China) in terms of performance», - said in the press-service’s statement.

    Verba is the next-generation man-portable air defense system. Its performance has been improved thanks to using a brand-new three-spectral seeker (Igla-S is fitted with two-spectral seeker) and a new instrument compartment. Sensitivity of the optical seeker has been increased multiple times and jamming protection was improved. As a result the damage area was expanded and the system’s efficiency was increased. One of the Verba’s main advantages is high probability of hitting a low-signature target: cruise missile, UAV, etc. These air targets are hard to detect and even harder to destroy.

    The system comprises:

    – 9M336 missile,
    – 9P521 launcher,
    – 1L229V ground-based interrogator (friend or foe),
    – 9V861 mobile control station,
    – 1L122 small-size radar detector,
    – 9C931 mission planning module,
    – 9C932-1 reconnaissance and control module,
    – 9C933 portable fire control module (brigade kit),
    – 9C933-1 built-in installation kit (divisional kit),
    – 9C935 automation facilities set for AA sniper,
    – training equipment.

    Moreover, the system’s quality and reliability have been improved and its maintenance has been eased. «Now there is no need to carry out periodic checks including cooling of the seeker with nitrogen. This fact allows the armed forces to stop using additional equipment, nitrogen storages and use less human resources. At the same time the high degree of commonality between Verba and older models has been kept in terms of combat performance, operation, maintenance and personnel training. KBM signed a long-term agreement with Russian Ministry of Defense for delivery of Verba systems and launched its mass production», - Rostec added.

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