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    Roscosmos to develop a “lunomobil” worth 6 billion rubles
    Russian Aviaton » Wednesday August 27, 2014 02:50 MSK

    The Federal Space Agency (Rsocosmos) needs 6 billion rubles to develop a lunomobil (lunar roving vehicle). It is specified in the draft Federal Space Program for 2016-2025, submitted for consideration by the Russian government, reports.

    The agency plans to manufacture lunomobil in 2020s. The work should be started in 2021. «Prototypes of the lunar roving vehicle, testing of the vehicle - 2021-2024», — specified in the document.

    In 2025 Roscosmos plans to carry out ground testing of the vehicle at a special test site having a soil simulating the Moon surface.

    The first lunar rover – Lunokhod-1 manufactured in USSR was delivered to the Moon on November 17th 1970. Prior to its shutdown on September 14th 1971 the vehicle covered the distance of over 10 km and took over 25,000 pictures. Its primary objective was to study the moon soil and radiation at the Earth satellite.

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