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    Aviation Equipment Holding Company to deliver equipment for Yak-130 aircraft worth 500 million rubles
    Russian Aviaton » Saturday August 23, 2014 12:21 MSK

    In 2014 Aviation Equipment Holding Company (part of Rostec State Corporation) will deliver state-of-the-art equipment worth 500 million rubles for Yak-130 operational trainers, the holding’s press-service reports.

    "State-of-the-art ignition exciters, filters for fuel systems, contact and oxygen units for Yak-130 jet (the aircraft is manufactured in Irkutsk since 2011) will be delivered to a customer. The major manufacturers of components for the operational trainer are Aviation Equipment’s Ufa-based enterprises", - the company noted.

    Under the contract between Aviation Equipment and Irkut Corporation signed in December 2013, six enterprises of the Holding Company are involved in production and deliveries of the equipment designed for Yak-130 jets. In particular, Ufa Research and Development Enterprise `Molniya` supplies FADEC systems for the jet’s engine and APU – ESU-222 and ERRD-14-130. This system was developed specially for the jet and it has no analogues. The Full Authority Digital Engine Control system (FADEC) manufactured by the company has the following capabilities: engine start, control of the engine in all operating modes, protection of the engine from critical parameters, control and monitoring of its systems, including vibration monitoring. The major advantage of ESU-222 is the integration of all the functions within one device. Earlier, a separate unit was required to perform each function.

    Moreover, Molniya developed ignition exciters PVF-11-1 and PVF-11-3 especially for Yak-130’s engine and APU. These ignition exciters assure ignition of fuel-air mixture during engine start. Their weight is 20% lower as compared to analogues and their service life is 3-4 times longer thanks to usage of the latest technical solutions and materials. 

    Gidravlika Ufa Aggregate Enterprise supplies hydraulic fuel filters ZhKDE.061146.007 with a high degree of filtration – 5 micrometers. This high-pressure system differs from the older models with a degree of filtration of 12 micrometers, because it uses a new filter blockage indicator. Thanks to the new indicator the weight of the filter is lower by 500 g as compared to its analogues. Installation of two such systems allows decreasing the aircraft’s weight by 1 kg. In addition, the Ufa-based enterprise supplies flexible sleeves made of fluoroplastic designed for Yak-130. The sleeves are designed for connecting different units working under conditions of high vibrations. They will be used in the aileron actuation system (controls the angle of bank) as well as booster and main hydraulic systems, the company explained.

    UAPO will supply solid state igniters SP-70 for Yak-130 designed for igniting the fuel-air mixture during engine start. The operational trainer will also be fitted with Ku-30E contact unit assuring electric contact in high-voltage networks of ignition systems and a shielded angle block UE-90E providing electric contact between a high-voltage cable and a head of the igniter.

    Kotlas electromechanical plant (KEMZ) and Respirator Research and Development Enterprise supply oxygen cylinders and other equipment for the aircraft.
    In addition, Aviation Equipment developed a three-phase transformer PTS-250S designed for provision of constant power supply; Yak-130 will be fitted with this component too. The production of PTS-250S was mover from Moscow to UAPO. In July 2014 UAPO manufactured the first 100 units of the type. The planned output for 2014 is 1150 PTS-250S units; the output should reach 1500 ones in 2015.

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