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    VSMPO-Avisma cast titanium ingots for Rolls-Royce using a new technology
    Russian Aviaton » Thursday August 21, 2014 12:30 MSK

    Last week VSMPO cast first ingots for the British customer using new technology in the presence of Rolls-Royce specialist. According to the company’s statement, instead of three remelts in VAR furnace, now titanium ingots for Rolls-Royce will be subjected only to two remelts: the first one using skull furnace and the second and final one – using VAR furnace.

    The specialist of Rolls-Royce’s (UK) material laboratory, Dave Smith, watched the melting process carried out using the new technology at the workshop No. 32 of VSMPO.

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    “This alloy is of premium quality, it is used to manufacture disks (engine rotor components), that is why we set the highest requirements to the material. It is important to minimize risks of any defects”, - Dave Smith explained.

    These titanium ingots will be used to manufacture billets and then die forgings of disks – components of engines, which power Airbus aircraft. The representative of Rolls Royce was satisfied with quality of the first three ingots manufactured using the new technology. He also noted that “in some areas the corporate culture of VSMPO meets the highest standards”.

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