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    Russia to overhaul India’s Il-38SD antisubmarine aircraft
    Russian Aviaton » Thursday August 21, 2014 12:28 MSK

    Five Il-38SD antisubmarine aircraft operated by India will be overhauled by the Russian enterprise, ITAR-TASS reports with reference to CEO of Ilyushin Company, Yuri Yudin.

    "At present we are overhauling the second aircraft and we are expecting the next vehicle in four months", - he said. Yudin said that the overhaul includes “insignificant upgrades”.

    Speaking of possible purchase of these aircraft, Yudin noted that “the customer is not interested in these vehicles anymore". "India is not going to expand its Il-38SD fleet", - he said.

    India took delivery of five Il-38 aircraft in 1975-1983; in 2000s these vehicles were upgraded to SD version (stands for Sea Dragon).

    The aircraft is able to carry out patrol missions with a duration of up to 14 hours; its cruise speed is 400 km/h. The aircraft’s maximum speed is 610 km/h; its range is 6500 km.

    Today India is taking delivery of P-8I "Poseidon" antisubmarine aircraft (USA) – the contract for delivery of 8 vehicles of the type was signed in 2009, the first airliner was delivered to the customer in 2013. The contract worth $2,1 billion includes an option for four more aircraft of the type worth $1 billion.

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