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    UMPO manufactured the first blisk for PD-14 engine
    Russian Aviaton » Thursday August 21, 2014 12:27 MSK

    In late July enterprises of the “Engines for military aircraft” division of United Engine Corporation (UEC) manufactured the first blisk for the fifth stage of high-pressure compressor (HPC) of the advanced PD-14 engine for MS-21 aircraft. The new component was manufactured by UMPO (Ufa Engine Industrial Association) in cooperation with NPP Motor, press-service of UMPO reports.

    «NPP Motor performed turned part machining and UMPO performed milling of the component. At present the blisk is being prepared for installation on the engine rotor and then it will be delivered to Aviadvigatel (part of UEC), which is developing PD-14 engine. In 2014-2015 the division must manufacture two more blisks – for the first and second stages of the HPC, the press-service noted.

    The department of UMPO for production of turbine and compressor rotors has been assembling PD-14 HPC rotors since 2010. However, until 2014 blisks for the HPC have been supplied by Aviadvigatel. The first blisk manufactured by UMPO will be installed on the sixth PD-14 demonstrator engine. In parallel UMPO is developing a technology for production and repair of blisks for the two-stage compressor of PD-14 engine (prototype was manufactured in 2013) using friction welding. Results obtained during this work may be used for development of next-generation engine for PAK FA (T-50) fighter. NPP Motor is also taking part in this project, UMPO added.

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