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    Airbus continues cooperation with Russian partners despite sanctions
    Russian Aviaton » Monday August 18, 2014 13:35 MSK

    European aircraft corporation Airbus continues cooperation with Russian partners ITAR-TASS reports. It was stated by Andreas Kramer, Airbus Vice-President - Eastern Europe and Central Asia during his interview at Russia 24 TV channel while answering a question about the company’s work under conditions of current political situation and sanctions.

    "We continue our work with Russian clients and suppliers. We are not just selling aircraft; we also have corporate programs. Our company has branches in Russia. We are working in accordance with the schedule and we haven’t experienced any delays yet (in the network of our cooperation with Russian carriers and suppliers). We are manufacturing aircraft in order to sell it. Leasing is a separate market segment – there are lessors from Russia and other countries, which purchase aircraft and lease it to Russian carriers. I think it will carry on this way", – he said.

    The largest Airbus customer in Russia is Aeroflot.

    In 2007 the airline signed a contract for delivery of 22 Airbus A350-800; the deliveries should be started in 2018. The list price of one A350 varies from $260 to $340 million depending on the jet’s version. The first aircraft of the type will be delivered to a customer in 2014.

    Kramer said earlier that matters related to financing of deliveries of A350 aircraft to Aeroflot will be discussed no sooner than 2017 answering the question about possible problems connected with sanctions against Russia’s largest financial institutions imposed by USA and EU.

    At that the subsidiary of Aeroflot – Dobrolet low-cost carrier suspended flights on August 4th due to sanctions against the carrier imposed by EU. The airline operated two Boeing 737-800 NG aircraft and one SSJ-100 jet; Dobrolet planned to expand its fleet to 8 Boeing 737-800 NG jets in 2014.

    It was reported earlier that Dobrolet signed an agreement with Boeing for delivery of 16 Boeing 737 NG aircraft in 2017-2018. The company has already paid the deposit.

    Airbus is the Europe’s largest aircraft corporation – major rival of Boeing (USA). The corporation posted record orders having secured orders for 1503 aircraft in 2013.

    Following the results of 2013 Airbus Group (former EADS) increased its revenues by 5% to €59,2 billion. The corporation’s net profit reached almost €1.5 billion (+22%).

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