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    Matters related to financing of deliveries of A350 aircraft to Aeroflot will be discussed no sooner than 2017
    Russian Aviaton » Friday August 15, 2014 17:57 MSK

    Mechanism for financing deliveries of 22 А350 XWB aircraft to Aeroflot (launch customer for A350 in Russia) will be considered no sooner than 2017. Andreas Kramer, Airbus vice-president – Eastern Europe and Central China, told journalists about it answering the question about possible problems connected with sanctions against Russia’s largest financial institutions imposed by USA and EU.

    He said that usually matters related to financing of deliveries are considered 12 or 6 months prior to the delivery, so it is too early to discuss it.

    At present Airbus is assembling four А350 XWB jets, but the company plans to increase its output to 10 A350s per months. It was noted that special aspects of different airports were taken into consideration during development of the new liner in order to make common requirements in terms of airport operations. Thus Sheremetyevo does not need any special preparation for operation of А350 XWB.

    As of late July 2014, Airbus has won orders for 742 jets of the type from 38 customers from different countries of the world. Aeroflot signed a contract for delivery of 22 Airbus A350-800 jets in 2007; the deliveries should be started in 2018. The list price of one A350 varies from $260 to $340 million depending on the jet’s version. The first aircraft of the type will be delivered to a customer in 2014.

    Airbus A350 XWB (MSN 005) arrived in Sheremetyevo from Doha (Qatar) on August 11th 2014 the day of the airport’s 55th anniversary. On Tuesday August 12th the jet departed to Helsinki - the final destination in the network of its demonstration tour.

    In the network of the demonstration tour the jet visited Johannesburg (Republic of South Africa), Sydney (Australia), Auckland (New Zealand), Santiago (Chile), Sao Paolo (Brazil).

    In the course of the tour the jet performed a total of 26 flights. The flights were performed in the network of certification testing. The certification should be completed in the third quarter of 2014, Airbus A350 marketing director, Mike Bauser, said. 

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