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    Aviation Equipment Holding Company to develop components for MS-21 aircraft by late 2015
    Russian Aviaton » Monday August 11, 2014 16:29 MSK

    Aviation Equipment Holding Company (part of Russian Technologies State Corporation) plans to complete development of four systems for MS-21 aircraft by late 2015. The work will be carried out by the company under a contract with Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade signed following the results of a tender issued by the ministry. The total amount of investments is 610 million rubles (120 out of 610 million are extra-budgetary funds), the company's press-service reports.

    The components will be developed in the network of the state program “Development of aircraft industry for 2013-2025 period”. The tender for development of aircraft systems for MS-21 and SSJ-100 airliners as well as Ka-62 helicopter was issued in 2014.

    «By the end of 2015 the holding company will be ready to offer systems for MS-21 aircraft, which are under development, - CEO of Aviation Equipment Holding Company, Maxim Kuzyuk, said. – Development of components, which are as good as foreign analogues, will help decrease dependence of Russian airframers on suppliers from other countries. We will offer competitive solutions in the area of components and subsystems designed for MS-21 aircraft».

    In 2015 Aviation Equipment Holding Company must complete the development of four aircraft systems for MS-21 aircraft, which is intended for the most popular segment of the global civil aircraft market. Upon implementation of this project the holding will have a chance to enter global market as a second-tier or even first-tier supplier; the company will also strengthen its positions at the domestic market.

    Under the contract, the holding company will develop a unique highly reliable fire protection system for MS-21 aircraft. The system’s weight must be 20% lower as compared to analogues due to reducing weight of its components, in particular, fire extinguishers. This system may also be installed on Sukhoi Superjet 100 aircraft manufactured in Russia. Moreover, under the contract the Aviation Equipment will develop an emergency oxygen system for MS-21 and SSJ 100 jets designed to supply oxygen for the crew in case of depressurization at altitudes up to 12 500 m and protect the crew from smoke and toxic gases. Aviation Equipment will also develop onboard inert gas generating system designed to eliminate risk of explosion of the aircraft’s fuel tanks by means of pressurizing the tanks using inert gas. Finally, the company will develop a set of actuators to control high-lift devices and aircraft control surfaces of MS-21. 

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