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    CSTS Dinamica obtained JAA certification for its Mi-171 simulator
    Russian Aviaton » Wednesday July 2, 2014 11:34 MSK

    CSTS Dinamica has successfully completed the certification of its Mi-171 simulator located in HTPOstrava training center (Czech Republic) in accordance with JAR FSTD H standard of the JAA (Joint Aviation Authorities). The FNPT III MCC certificate was granted by the Civil Aviation Authority Czech Republic (CAA CZ), press-service of CSTS Dinamica reports.

    CSTS Dinamica has already received approval for its flight simulators from Russian aviation authorities many times, but this is the company’s first product to be certified in accordance with international standards. In fact, the preparation for certification was started in the course of the simulator’s development. A full set of legitimate input data and fundamental document in terms of certification – Qualification Test Guide (QTG) were prepared, as well as procedure and results of the objective and subjective tests, the company noted.

    «Successful certification of our simulator in line with international standards is a very valuable experience for our company, — CEO of CSTS Dinamica, Vladimir Khvostantsev, said. — On one hand, it is a significant contribution to Dinamica’s key competencies in the area of flight simulators: on the other hand – it gives us confidence and chances to enter global market».

    In general, certification of ТВ-171 simulator in Czech Republic demonstrated that in order to assure the simulator’s compliance with international standards the company had to carry out a large amount of work connected with input data refinement and repeated tests. During the preliminary certification testing the company managed to improve the simulator in terms of its compliance with the helicopter’s behavior. In particular, input data errors related to aerodynamics and engine performance have been corrected, changes in some simulation models have been made and special attention has been paid to feedback provided by CAA CZ, the press-service explained.

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