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    The upgrade of one out of two Su-30MKI fighters has been completed in India
    Russian Aviaton » Wednesday July 16, 2014 22:39 MSK

    The upgrade of one out of two Su-30MKI fighters has been completed in India in order to start the testing of BrahMos air-launched missile, ARMS-TASS reports with reference to Alexander Maksichev, Managing Co-director of BrahMos Aerospace.

    "One of two Su-30MKI jets provided by the Indian Air Force Command in order to carry out flight development tests of the air-launched Brahmos missiles has been successfully upgraded", - Maksichev said.

    According to him, the joint venture between Russia and India plans to start the flight testing of the missile in 2014. The first flight of Su-30MKI fighter carrying the full-scale mockup of the missile will also be performed this year.

    The testing of “aircraft-missile” combination continues in Bangalore. The model is being tested in a wind tunnel and the separation of the missile from the aircraft is being simulated.

    Maksichev said that the full-scale mockup is not just a dummy model; it is a sophisticated device fitted with lots of sensors designed to measure loads and vibrations applied to the missile installed in the launcher during flight.

    “The development of air launcher for the missile has been successfully completed in India. At present the “missile-air launcher” interface is being developed. After that the development of “air launcher-aircraft” interface will be started”, - Maksichev added.

    According to him, special developmental missiles have been manufactured and delivered to India in order to carry out the flight testing. The developmental missile is fitted with the real onboard equipment and intended for refining the control system. It has no engine and no liquid propellant for the main propulsion stage. At the same time this missile is capable of confirming the fact that all the procedures have been completed. Such missile is well suited for ground testing.

    At first the Su-30MKI jet will start performing flights with the full-scale models and developmental missiles. At the final stage of the test program, the real missiles will be launched from the aircraft. The missiles have already been manufactured in Russia and will soon be delivered to India, Managing Co-director of BrahMos Aerospace noted.

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