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    UAC delivered the second aircraft to Russian Ministry of Defense in the network of Open Skies program
    Russian Aviaton » Monday July 14, 2014 13:55 MSK

    The second Tu-214ON aircraft assembled by Kazan Aviation Production Association named after S.P. Gorbunov (KAPA) performed ferry flight to its home base on July 4th 2014, press-service of United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) reports. The jet is designed for surveillance flights performed in the network of Open Skies treaty.

    In order to perform these special missions the basic version of Tu-214 was upgraded. «This aircraft is fitted with reinforced landing gear and additional second door; the jet’s configuration has been changed. The cockpit has also been modified – it has been fitted with additional seat for a pilot-navigator», - Deputy Technical Director of KAPA, Sergey Shmarov, said.

    In addition, the jet was fitted with three digital cameras – two of them located on the left and right sides of the aircraft and the third one – in its central part. Last year the Ministry of Defense put the first aircraft of the type into service. Two Tu-214ON jets will replace Tu-154 and An-30 previously used to perform the surveillance flights.

    The Open Skies Treaty was signed in 1992. At present 34 countries are taking part in it. The treaty’s primary objective is to promote international confidence in the arms control area.

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