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    Serial production of landing gear for L-410 aircraft will be started in 2015
    Russian Aviaton » Friday July 11, 2014 10:57 MSK

    Serial production of landing gear for L-410 aircraft will be started in 2015, RIA Orenburzhye reports. During a meeting with the participation of acting governor of Orenburg Region, Yuri Berg, held at Production Association Strela (PO Strela), it was stated that the testing of skid landing gear was halted, however, it will be resumed in November and completed in early spring 2015. If all the tests are successful, the pilot production of the landing gear may be launched in Orenburg Region in 2015, said in a statement.
    The development of skid landing gear for aircraft operated by Aircraft Industries (Czech Republic) was started by PO Strela in 2013. The first prototypes were refined and prepared for testing in winter 2014.

    «Everyone was surprised that we were able to develop this landing gear without ruffle or excitement. I would like to thank you – you have surprised the whole country, - the acting governor told the enterprise’s employees. – Czech specialists were surprised that Russia still has enterprises like this one».

    Today a few L-410 aircraft are operated by Russian Ministry of Defense in hard-to-reach regions: Siberia, Far East and Polar Regions. The skid landing gear is essential equipment under conditions of snow cover.

    In addition, this type of landing gear may also be installed on regional aircraft. In winter skid landing gear allows performing flights to Adamovka, Svetliy and other settlements having only unpaved runways.

    The flight tests of this landing gear were carried out in one of the military units of Russian Ministry of Defense. Later the testing was halted; it will be resumed once there is enough snow in the region.

    We remind you that PO Strela plans to launch the production of L-410 in Orenburg. It was stated by the acting governor in spring 2014. «If we take a look at our history, prior to evacuation this was the aircraft plant (PO Strela was an aircraft repair workshop located at the territory of an airfield of Leningrad military district. – RIA56), - Yuri Berg noted. – Here we have all the capabilities required to manufacture the aircraft. I have already told the president about it during a meeting held in Moscow».

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