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    Russian citizens may be banned from access to online hotel and ticket booking services
    Russian Aviaton » Thursday July 10, 2014 13:27 MSK

    A draft law stipulating that the personal data of Russian citizens must be stored and processed in Russia will ban the citizens from access to a number of global internet services, including the ones designed for online hotel and ticket booking, ITAR-TASS reports with reference to Russian Association for Electronic Communications (RAEC).

    The document was submitted for consideration by the State Duma on June 25th 2014. RAEC believes that the draft law robs the citizens of the right to use their personal data, because it forces the internet companies to process and store the data only in Russia. “The draft law puts the transborder data transfer in jeopardy.
    Passing similar bills in other countries caused significant economic losses and made the global services leave the market", - said in the association’s statement.

    According to RAEC, many global services will be unavailable for citizens of a state having such legislation.
    "For example, it will be impossible to book tickets using website of a foreign carrier, because the personal data must be stored and processed at the territory of a country, where the airline is headquartered. It will also be impossible to book a hotel, because the personal data will be stored and processed by the hotel’s servers located in a foreign country", - the association added.

    CEO of Chronopay company, Alexey Kovirshin also said that passing this bill will cause the shutdown of online ticket booking systems.

    "The following GDS (Global Distribution Systems) are used in different countries of the world to book a ticket online: Sabre, Galileo, Amadeus and WorldSpan. All of them are headquartered in foreign countries; for example, Sabre, used by Aeroflot and Transaero, is located in USA. Thus all the provided information is processed in the GDS’ country of origin; in other words, personal data of Russian citizens will be transferred to US servers. Visually you can easily check this fact at the carrier’s website: just pay attention to the website’s address, while booking the ticket", - Kovirshin told ITAR-TASS. According to him, there are no Russian booking systems at the global market, but Rostec State Corporation stated recently, that it is developing a Russian GDS".

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