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    IATA named Aeroflot the best carrier on European destinations
    Russian Aviaton » Friday June 6, 2014 15:37 MSK

    International Air Transport Association (IATA) released a rating of airlines for 2013-2014, reports.

    According to the rating comprising 265 airlines, which perform 94% of all international flights, the Russia’s oldest airline – Aeroflot, was named the best carrier on European destinations. According to IATA, the Russian airline kept the 1st place in terms of service quality in business-class segment and moved from the 2nd to the 1st place in the economy class as compared to last year (Aeroflot left the German Lufthansa behind).

    Aeroflot is the leader in terms of overall impression of the service, passengers’ willingness to recommend this airline to their friends, comfort of seats and some other parameters. Another advantage of the Russian carrier is serving size and quality of in-flight meals. IATA noted that the quality of Aeroflot’s in-flight meals "is above the market average".

    According to IATA, the worst carriers in terms of quality of in-flight meals are Alitalia and Air France. Serving size and quality of the food of these airlines was "below the market average". However, when calculating its client-centeredness rating of the airlines, IATA takes into account not only taste and quality of the in-flight meals. Another important factor is the knowledge of foreign languages by flight attendants and crew. Aeroflot took second place in this category.

    Despite looking well in terms of quality of service in comparison with European airlines, Aeroflot falls behind the Asian carriers. JAL is the leader in this market. It is followed by Emirates, Singapore Airlines and Etihad. Aeroflot holds the 8th place in terms of servicing the passengers of business class and the 9th place – in economy class category. However, in 2013 it took the 10th and the 17th positions in these categories, respectively.

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