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    Rosoboronexport plans to deliver at least 140 military-transport and attack helicopters to foreign customers this year
    Russian Aviaton » Tuesday June 3, 2014 15:27 MSK

    Rosoboronexport plans to export at least 140 military-transport and attack helicopters this year, Voenno-promishlenniy Courier reports.

    Deputy Director of the Rosoboronexport’s Helicopter Export Department, Vladislav Kuzmichev, said at HeliRussia-2014: «Rosoboronexport’s scope of deliveries is increasing year over year. Last year we delivered 140 helicopters to our customers. This refers to both military-transport and attack helicopters. This year we plan to achieve the same results and in future we will keep increasing our scope of deliveries».

    He noted that the share of combat and attack helicopters in the total exports is increasing. Rosoboronexport plans to export the first Mi-28NE helicopter this year and start exporting Ka-52 Alligator after 2016. «We have already signed contracts for delivery of Mi-28 helicopters and a foreign customer will take delivery of the first Mi-28 this year», – Kuzmichev added.

    He didn’t unveil the country to receive the helicopters. As for Ka-52, there are no contracts yet; negotiations with foreign customers are in progress. This is the new vehicle having its own special aspects and we have to explain and demonstrate a lot of things. It is unlikely that the deliveries of this helicopter will be started prior to 2016. Mi-28NE is the attack and training helicopter having dual controls. Besides personnel training, the vehicle is capable of performing a wide range of combat tasks.

    Experts believe that Ka-52 reconnaissance and combat helicopter has a high competitive ability. Coaxial configuration, state-of-the-art avionics and advanced weapons assure its great aircraft performance, unique maneuverability and high combat effectiveness.

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