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    Aviastar-SP rolled out the first production Il-76MD-90A transport aircraft
    Russian Aviaton » Tuesday June 24, 2014 18:57 MSK

    Aviastar-SP rolled out the first production Il-76MD-90A transport aircraft.

    "The aircraft is fitted with all the necessary systems and equipment, its cockpit is equipped with state-of-the-art avionics. The pressure leakage tests of the wing box and center section of the airframe have been completed. The jet was transferred from the final assembly workshop to «Spektr-Avia» in order to complete painting. After that the ground and flight testing of the jet will be started", - Aviastar explained.

    «By joint efforts of the enterprise, United Aircraft Corporation (UAC), UAC-Transport Aircraft and Ilyushin Company (developed the aircraft) we have completed the production of the first serial Il-76MD-90A transport aircraft manufactured under a contract with Russian Ministry of Defense. The jet will be delivered to the customer this year», - CEO of Aviastar-SP, Sergey Dementyev noted.  

    According to the contract with Russian Ministry of Defense, Aviastar-SP must manufacture 39 aircraft of the type. Today about 13 Il-76 jets are being assembled by the enterprise. 

    Il-76MD-90A was derived from Il-76MD aircraft, which was manufactured in Uzbekistan by Tashkent Aviation Production Association named after V.P. Chkalov. The latest navigation equipment, automatic control system, communications system and glass cockpit meet all the existing requirements for aircraft avionics and help improve the flight safety and precision of aircraft navigation. The replacement of D-30KP2 engines with more advanced PS-90A-76 ones, installation of upgraded wing and reinforced landing gear significantly expand the jet’s operational capabilities, press-service of Aviastar-SP added.

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