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    The bust of Sergey Ilyushin was opened in Crimea
    Russian Aviaton » Friday June 20, 2014 19:50 MSK

    A solemn ceremony dedicated to the opening of the bust of Sergey Ilyushin was held at the Walk of Fame of the national aerospace industry located in Crimea near Klementyev’s mountain (Uzun-Syrt) on June 14th 2014, Ilyushin Company reports.

    The following officials took part in the ceremony: Gordeev Oleg Konstantinovich – Chairman of the Kirov district administration, Deputy of the state council of Crimea Republic; Nebreev Boris Albertovich – Director of Koktebel gliding center, record-holder of Russia and Ukraine; Zakirov Igor Raufovich – test-pilot of Ilyushin Company, Hero of Russia; Irinarkhov Vladimir Mikhailovich, test-pilot of Ilyushin Company; Parakhin Vladimir Nikolaevich – Honored pilot-navigator of USSR; Blokhin Yuri Leonidovich – corresponding member of the Russian academy.

    The bust’s location is inextricably connected with the history of gliding in the country and Sergey Ilyushin’s development as the aircraft designer. This is the place where the famous Russian pilot Konstantin Konstantinovich Artseulov tested the first aircraft designed by Ilyushin – gliders “Mastyazhart”, “Rabfakovets” and “Moskva”. «For the aircraft designer, – S.V. Ilyushin said, – gliding is like a cradle for a child».

    In the network of the solemn ceremony dedicated to opening of the S.V. Ilyushin bust, a display dedicated to him and Ilyushin Company was opened in the museum of the Walk of Fame of the national aerospace industry.

    An entertainment and sports program, games and competitions were offered to children and youth. Teenagers competed in the network of a pavement drawing competition, launched paper planes and took part in a quiz related to the history of the national aviation. The event was concluded by the airshow with the participation of light aircraft, gliders, hang-gliders and parachutists.

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