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    RT-Stankoinstrument Holding Company signed cooperation agreements with UAC and UEC
    Russian Aviaton » Friday June 20, 2014 18:31 MSK

    In the network of Metalloobrabotka-2014 exhibition held in Moscow the cooperation agreements in the area of machine tool industry were signed in the presence of Russian Minister of Industry and Trade, Denis Manturov.

    In particular, RT-Stankoinstrument Holding Company (part of Rostec State Corporation) signed cooperation agreements with United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) and United Engine Corporation (UEC).

    In addition, Savelovsky Machine-Building Plant signed contracts with Belarusian enterprises for production of NC control machines in Russia. These agreements should give impulse to the whole Russian machine tool industry and help phase out imports.

    «The agreement between RT-Stankoinstrument and UAC assumes implementation of joint projects aimed at increasing UAC’s development and production potential in order to decrease the self-cost, improve the quality and increase the marketability of the corporation’s products. Among the major areas of cooperation are: audit of existing and future manufacturing processes in the area of machining, development of proposals for implementation of Russian-produced manufacturing equipment, technical re-equipping, including construction and reconstruction of facilities owned by UAC companies», - the Ministry of Industry and Trade noted.

    RT-Stankoinstrument also signed the agreement with UEC (part of Rostec). The parties are committed to keeping and increasing the development and production potential of Russian machine-building sector along with promoting the innovation-based development by means of increasing quality and marketability of the industry’s products.

    «The signing of cooperation agreements between RT-Stankoinstrument, UAC and UEC is the beginning of creation of a unified technological solution aimed at increasing the development and production potential of aircraft and engine-building industries, – Denis Manturov noted. – Our aim is to decrease our dependence on foreign suppliers and lower the products’ self-cost. At the initiative of the Ministry of Industry and Trade RT-Stankoinstrument consolidated the Russia’s leading machine-tool builders; the company must become an engine room of the industry’s development. At that there will be no market monopolization. RT-Stankoinstrument is responsible for development of the national enterprises. No private company will be able to accomplish this mission».

    Moreover, the agreement between Savelovsky Machine-Building Plant (also known as SMZ) and StankoGomel (Belarus) was signed at the exhibition. The document is aimed at development of production of machining equipment and tools in Russia. The agreement assumes launching the production of NC control milling and lathe machines by SMZ and delivering the equipment to Russian enterprises. Some machines of the type are not manufactured in Russia, while the quantity of manufactured ones is too low to meet the demand.

    Development of the national machine tool industry is supported by the Ministry of Industry and Trade in the network of the state program “Development of the industry and increase of its competitiveness”, implemented by the ministry.

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