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    The military units of Zabaykalsky Krai will take delivery of about 10 Su-30SM fighters
    Russian Aviaton » Monday June 2, 2014 14:59 MSK

    A new batch of multi-role Su-30 SM fighters is being delivered to the military units of Eastern Military District (EMD) located in Zabaykalky Krai, reports with reference to the press-service of EMD.

    The source added that about 10 new Su-30SM fighters should be delivered to the EMD in 2014. The jets will be operated by the 412th airbase of the Russian air forces (Domna airfield); these Su-30SMs will replace the outdated MiG-29 fighters manufactured in 1980s. At present the personnel of the airbase located 27 km south-west of Chita are carrying out acceptance of the new jets together with representatives of aircraft industry enterprises; the new jets are performing first flights.

    The 412th airbase of Russian air forces stationed at Domna airfield is known for extensive use of aerography: most of its fighters are decorated with different unofficial emblems and symbols. This tradition was established during Soviet era by 120th fighter regiment, which was taking part in the war in Afghanistan during 1979-1989 period; the regiment operated MiG -23 fighters.

    Su-30SM is the “4+”-generation fighter created on the basis of famous T-10 platform (the most popular member of T-10 Family is Su-27 jet). Su-30SM fighter was derived from exported Su-30MKI jet. The fighter meets the requirements of Russian air forces in terms of radar, radio communications systems, friend-or-foe identification system, ejection seats and a number of other systems.

    Su-30SM is manufactured by Irkut Corporation under two contracts for delivery of 30 Su-30SM jets each. Irkut and Russian Ministry of Defense signed the contracts in March and December 2012. Irkutsk Aviation Plant delivered two Su-30SM jets to Russian air forces in November 2012 and 14 more ones – in 2013.

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