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    UAC will launch the production of components for Il-76 and An-148 aircraft in Russia in case of having problems with Ukraine
    Russian Aviaton » Friday May 9, 2014 10:57 MSK

    United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) is ready to launch the production of components for Il-76 and An-148 aircraft in Russia in case of having problems with Ukrainian suppliers, ARMS-TASS reports with reference to Vice-president, Economics and Finance, of United Aircraft Corporation, Vladimir Chirikov.

    "We don’t see any risks connected with implementation of production program for 2014. We have all the necessary components; no problems to solve, - he said. – As for production program for 2015... We have time to solve problems if necessary. We will find a compromise solution".

    Chirikov reminded that Ukraine is supplying components for two aircraft: single-aisle An-148 jet and military-transport Il-76MD-90A jet (also known as Il-476). "But in fact these deliveries are not of exceptional character", - he added.

    In particular, Ukraine supplied wings for An-148 liners. We have all the necessary documentation and technologies in order to launch the production of this component in Russia, - Chirikov said. – We just took the advantage of division of labor; it was profitable. But in case of having some problems related to timing budgets or financial resources, we will be able to solve them and launch the production of wings in Russia".

    "The same holds true for Il-76 military-transport aircraft, - yes, we have an alternative, - the top-manager of UAC explained. – During development of this jet we tried to get the maximum effect. But now under the prevailing circumstances we may have to launch the production in Russia".

    The contract for delivery of 39 Il-76MD-90A military-transport aircraft to Russian Ministry of Defense (MoD) worth 140 billion rubles was signed in October 2012. Ilyushin Company plans to deliver at least one jet of the type to the MoD in 2014 and two more ones – in 2015, CEO of the company, Viktor Livanov, said in March 2014.

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