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    Russian Helicopters Holding Company delivered Ka-32A11BC helicopter to Shanghai
    Russian Aviaton » Tuesday May 6, 2014 10:47 MSK

    Russian Helicopters Holding Company (subsidiary of Oboronprom Corporation and part of State Corporation Rostec) has delivered civil multi-role Ka-32A11BC helicopter manufactured by Kumertau Aviation Production Enterprise to the Shanghai Public Security Directorate (China). The contract for delivery of this helicopter was signed in 2012, the holding company’s press-service reports.

    “The Ka-32A11BC has been certified in China and it has a great potential, because the demand for multi-role helicopters is growing at this market. The helicopter is well suited for performing flights in China’s mountainous regions and large cities, thanks to its unique coaxial configuration, allowing it to take off and land in small, unprepared areas and to maneuver in mountainous terrain and under restrained urban conditions. The Ka-32A11BC is designed for special search-and-rescue operations, firefighting and medevac operations. These helicopters are also widely used for construction work, transporting cargo inside the fuselage or using an external sling, and skidding”, - Russian Helicopters added.

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    The Ka-32A11BC is well suited for rescue operations and firefighting in China’s high-rise buildings. It is able to work under smoke and dust conditions for a long period of time. The firefighting version of Ka-32A11BC is able to use a wide range of fire-fighting equipment, including water cannon for horizontal fire-fighting, external water tanks, helicopter buckets and «Simplex» fire-fighting systems. The performance of Ka-32A11BC makes it a unique vehicle in its class in terms of capabilities and areas of application.

    “The Chinese fleet of Ka-32A11BC helicopters is growing rapidly due to increasing demand for such vehicles. Recently Ka-32A11BC operated by China’s State Oceanographic Directorate came into focus of the world’s mass media. In early January 2014, the helicopter played a key role in rescuing passengers on the Academician Shokalskiy research vessel, which became ice-bound in Antarctic. Besides China, Ka-32A11BC helicopter has been certified in EU countries, Chile, Mexico, South Korea, Canada, Australia, etc. Ka-32 Family helicopter are successfully operated in Spain, Portugal, Colombia, Switzerland, Canada, South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, China, Brazil and Chile. About 140 helicopters of the type have been manufactured so far; half of them are operated in foreign countries”, - the press-service added.

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