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    Era-50 air surveillance system is being tested in Russia
    Russian Aviaton » Monday May 5, 2014 10:46 MSK

    The air surveillance system comprising the tilt-rotor UAV is being developed in Russia, Interfax reports.

    "The factory testing of Era-50 air surveillance system has been successfully completed. The system is ready for joint testing", - Chief designer of New Technologies Company, Eldar Razroev, said. He added: “We are negotiating with a potential customer about carrying out the joint testing together".

    "The system will be modified in accordance with the obtained results and the customer’s requirements", - the Chief designer added. He declined to name the potential customer adding that “the state testing will be the next stage. However, it is too early to set a date for the start of this phase".

    The tilt-rotor aircraft combine the features of airplanes and helicopters. They have a vertical takeoff capability and they are also able to hover in a given point and then quickly switch to horizontal flight. It was reported earlier that Russian Ministry of Defense is interested in this type of UAV.

    According to Razroev, the enterprise is developing two UAVs – Era-50 (weight – 5 kg) and Era-100 (weight – 20 kg). "The pilot batch of Era-50 UAVs will be manufactured in 2014; after that the development of an automatic control system for Era-100 UAV will be continued", - the source noted.

    He reminded that Era-100 tilt-rotor UAV was demonstrated at Integrated Safety and Security Exhibition 2013 (ISSE 2013) held last autumn in Moscow. The tilt-rotor aircraft is fitted with four electric motors having a power of 2700 W each. They are installed on the end of the vehicle’s wings and drive four two-blade propellers. This is the tilt-rotor UAV so all the four propellers are rotating on the wings.

    The regular takeoff weight of the new UAV is 18 kg; maximum takeoff weight – 24 kg; payload – 2.5 kg. Its maximum flight speed is 230 km/h; range – 120 km; endurance – 1 hour. The tilt-rotor UAV’s length is 1.3 m.

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