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    The Federal Space Agency plans to sign agreements with China and India to place GLONASS ground stations
    Russian Aviaton » Friday May 30, 2014 09:40 MSK

    The Federal Space Agency (Roscosmos) plans to sign agreements with China and India this year to place GLONASS ground stations in their territory, ITAR-TASS reports.

    The Federal Space Agency hopes to sign agreement with China in 2014 to place Russian ground stations in its territory and to place Chinese Beidou stations in the territory of Russia. It was stated by the Deputy Head of Roscosmos, Sergey Savelyev, at St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.

    Moreover, Roscosmos is interested in establishing a joint venture with India for production of GLONASS equipment.

    "We believe that satellite navigation is one of the priority areas of cooperation with our Indian partners. Our proposal is based on using GLONASS technologies on behalf of India, including Russian ERA-GLONASS system intended for provision of transport safety", - he said.

    "We would like to place our ground stations there, launch the joint production of user equipment and work on implementation of such technologies as ERA-GLONASS. It would be interesting to establish the joint venture in India", - Savelyev noted.

    He also said that Roscosmos would like to cooperate with India in the area of manned flights. "They have their own manned flights program and we can consider the possible areas of cooperation", - Savelyev explained. However, he also said that “it is too early to discuss any specific projects in this area".

    "We are elaborating our own manned flights strategy and we are considering cooperation with different partners. ISS is a very interesting program, but we have to look for new areas in the network of manned flights programs. In particular, we are ready to cooperate with our Indian partners, because they have potential", - he added.

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