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    Russia will deliver 10 fighters to Vietnam and India in 2014
    Russian Aviaton » Thursday May 15, 2014 10:58 MSK

    In the network of export contracts the enterprises of United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) will deliver 4 Su-30MK2 fighters to Vietnam and six MiG-29K/KUB fighters to India in the second half of 2014, Kommersant reports.

    The delivery schedule also includes delivery of a second batch of Su-30K fighters to Angola. However, these jets require repair and upgrade so the delivery was rescheduled for 2015.

    The schedule of export deliveries for 2014 includes delivery of 10 jets to India and Vietnam, a source close to Rosoboronexport explained. "Two Su-30MK2 jets manufactured by Komsomolsk-on-Amur Aviation Plant will be delivered to the air forces of Vietnam in November and two more ones – in December,— the source said.— Six MiG-29K/KUB jets will be delivered to Indian Ministry of Defense: one in August, one in September, two jets in October and the rest two ones – in November". Russia will start the implementation of the contract with Vietnam and continue implementation of the contract with India. Rosoboronexport declined to comment on the matter.

    The last contract with Vietnam for delivery of 12 Su-30MK2 fighters worth about $600 million was signed last August. It is the third one: the previous contracts for delivery of eight and twelve fighters respectively have been successfully implemented by the enterprise. The air forces of Vietnam expect to take delivery of the rest eight Su-30MK2 jets in 2015.

    Six MiG-29K/KUB fighters will be delivered to the customer under the contract for delivery of 29 jets signed in March 2010. According to CEO of RAC MiG, Sergey Korotkov, the corporation delivered seven fighters of the type to the customer in 2013. We remind you that the previous contract between Russia and India for delivery of 16 jets was signed in 2004 in the network of an intergovernmental package agreement for upgrade of Vikramaditya aircraft carrier. The deliveries were started in 2009 and the contract was implemented in late 2011.

    According to the source, Su-30K intended for Angola have also been included in the delivery schedule for 2014 (three jets should have been delivered to the customer in September and three more ones – in November). However, the deliveries have been rescheduled, because the jets need to be repaired and upgraded – the first batch will be delivered to Angola in 2015. We remind you that the contract for delivery of these Su-30K fighters previously operated by India was signed in October 2013 during visit of the vice-premier Dmitry Rogozin to Angola.

    The existence of this contract has been confirmed for the first time by CEO of Rosoboronexport, Anatoly Isaykin. Later, president of Irkut Corporation, Oleg Demchenko, said that 12 upgraded Su-30K fighters will be delivered to Angola and the rest six ones stationed at the 558th aircraft repair plant (Baranovichi, Belarus) will be offered to another country. Belarus and Vietnam considered the possibility of purchasing these jets earlier. However, Isaykin said that the countries did not have enough financial resources: “Even after repair and upgrade not every country is able to purchase these vehicles". We remind you that Angola purchased the jets in the network of $1 billion export credit provided by Russia.

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