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    Over 150 airplanes and helicopters were delivered to the Russian armed forces in 2013
    Russian Aviaton » Monday May 12, 2014 10:57 MSK

    Over 150 airplanes and helicopters were delivered to the Russian armed forces in 2013, ITAR-TASS reports with reference to a member of Military-Industrial Commission of Russia (also known as VPK), Chairman of VPK Council on Aircraft Industry, Mikhail Kashtan.

    "Except for several problem areas, the aircraft industry has successfully implemented the State Defense Order for 2013 in terms of research and development work and deliveries of aircraft and weapons to the Russian armed forces. A total of 50 airplanes (including advanced Su-30SM, Yak-130, Su-35S, MiG-29K jets) and over 100 helicopters (including Mi-28N, Mi-35, Mi-8AMTSh, Ka-52, etc.) were delivered to Russian air forces", - Kashtan said. He explained that the obtained results “confirmed the suitability and promptness of the VPK’s decision to establish councils for different industries of the military-industrial sector".

    According to Kashtan, there are some problems connected with deliveries of advanced high-quality instruments, components, avionics and engines intended for combat aircraft. These issues will be considered at the regular meeting of VPK Council on Aircraft Industry (after May 15th 2014). Kashtan added that the Council will hold a meeting at GosNII GA in July and at the Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute named after N.E. Zhukovsky (TsAGI) – in November.

    "This year is of great importance in terms of implementation of the State Arms Program for 2011-2020 period and development of this program for 2016-2025 period", - the Chairman of VPK Council said.

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