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    Russia offered Chile Yak-130 operational trainers and small arms
    Russian Aviaton » Monday April 7, 2014 15:01 MSK

    Russia offered Chile deliveries of KAMAZ and Ural automotive vehicles, Yak-130 operational trainers and small arms including Kalashnikov assault rifles (series 100), Kommersant reports.

    Chilean Ministry of Defense is interested in the last two items (Yak-130 and small arms); the Chilean party requested the corresponding information for the analysis and promised to send an official letter to the Russian party soon in order to start detailed negotiations. In addition, Chile showed interest in over-the-horizon radar stations "Podsolnukh-E" (controls near-shore area) and Igla-S man-portable air defense system. The parties are also willing to resume the negotiations on deliveries of helicopters: in 2010 Chile and Russia planned to sign a contract for delivery of six Mi-17 helicopters, however, these plans were disrupted by the earthquake. Now the Chilean party is ready to intensify cooperation with Russia.

    According to a source close to the Russian delegation, the Peruvian party has also expressed wish to expand military-technical cooperation with Russia.

    Russian delegation also negotiated some contracts with Brazil at FIDAE-2014. It took only a year for the parties to come close to signing agreements for deliveries of Pantsir-S1 air defense systems. "We have carried out a round of negotiations in Tula, when the Brazilian party visited the KBP Instrument Design Bureau, - a source close to the negotiation process. — Last December they watched the firing practice performed by the system operated by Russian Ministry of Defense".

    Following the results of these visits two commissions submitted their reports to Brazilian Minister of Defense (reports focused on the systems specifications and performance). One of them has already been approved and the second one was presented to Brazilian Ministry of Defense last week. "We would like to sign the contract in June-July 2014, — the source noted. — The acquisition of these air defense systems will be carried out in parallel with the purchase of Igla-S systems, however, the final figures have not been defined yet". Presumably two batteries of the man-portable air defense systems will be purchased.

    According to the source, Brazilian Ministry of Defense also notified Rosoboronexport on electing not to purchase 36 Su-35 fighters. Brazil has chosen Grippen NG instead. Rosoboronexport, in its own turn, plans to offer Yak-130 operational trainers to Brazil, the source noted.

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