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    Russia to remove duties on import of aircraft having a capacity of 72 seats or less
    Russian Aviaton » Wednesday April 30, 2014 13:52 MSK

    Governmental Commission on safeguard measures in the area of foreign trade has taken a decision to temporary remove duties on import of passenger aircraft having a capacity of 72 seats or less, Prime reports with reference to the Economic Development Ministry.

    "The subcommission decided to remove duties and taxes on import of turboprop aircraft having a capacity of 72 seats or less. This refers to temporary importation (the vehicles must be imported until December 31st 2015 for the period of two years or less) of aircraft manufactured 10 years ago or later", - said in the ministry’s statement.

    At present the duty on import of such aircraft is 20% of their customs value. However, Russia cannot take the final decision by itself, because such measures must be approved by the Customs Union.

    Before Russia joined the Customs Union, the duties on light aircraft have been removed in the country. Earlier Customs Union removed duties on turboprops and jets having capacity of under 50 seats.

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