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    A monument to MiG-31 aircraft will be erected in Perm
    Russian Aviaton » Friday April 25, 2014 17:21 MSK

    The Perm-based engine-building enterprises are preparing a present for their employees, citizens and guests of the city dedicated to the 80th anniversary of Perm Engine Company – in early June a new monument located in the historic center of Perm will be opened. On April 18th the Social Council on Toponymy of the Perm City Duma officially approved the erection of “MiG during takeoff” monument, press-service of Perm Engine Company reports.
    The “MiG during takeoff” monument will be erected in public garden located at Chkalov Street in the central part of a parkway, where busts of the Perm-based enterprise’s designers and directors are located. The monument comprises the real MiG-31 super-sonic interceptor installed on special pylons. Visually the enterprise and the memorial will be connected with a runway – a light strip created using garden lamps, the press-service explained.

    "This MiG-31 is the real combat aircraft having its own history. It was manufactured in 1985 and until 1998 it was being operated in Tyumen Region at Komsomolski airfield. Later it was transferred to Perm-based Sokol military unit. Its total flight time is 1322 hours; it has performed 1452 landings. In 2013 the MiG was taken out of service and handed over to Perm Region in accordance with an order of Russian Ministry of Defense. At present the monument’s footing is being constructed. The “MiG during takeoff” monument is being constructed in order to make young citizens of Perm proud of achievements of Perm engine builders. The D-30F6 engines powering MiG-31 interceptor (the world’s fastest aircraft having the highest ceiling) were developed by Perm-based MKB (present Aviadvigatel) and manufactured by Motorostroitel (present Perm Engine Company)", - said in the statement of press-service.

    MiG-31 aircraft has set 29 world records; some of them are still unbeaten (for example, in 1977 test-pilot Alexander Fedotov set the absolute flight altitude record while piloting MiG-31 - 37 650 meters). According to Valery Menitski, test-pilot, Hero of Soviet Union, «neither USA nor EU has such aircraft. This vehicle has a tremendous potential». As for the city, it will get not only the new sight but also the new recreation area: a program for landscaping the public garden includes upgrading the avenue of limes, planting additional plants, installing new lamps and benches and construction of parking bays.

    Regional and city authorities are supporting the initiative of the Perm-based enterprise and assist it in solving any problems related to erection of the monument. According to a public opinion poll carried out in Sverdlovsk district of the city, 80% of citizens support the erection of this monument, the press-service explained.

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