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    Russia may subsidize 20-30% of Tu-204SM aircraft price
    Russian Aviaton » Monday March 3, 2014 15:12 MSK

    Russian budget may provide subsidies to Tu-204SM customers amounting to 20-30% of the jet’s price, Prime reports with reference to the Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade, Yuri Slusar.

    According to him, the self-cost of the vehicle’s production will be too high at first stages. Without these subsidies the jet will not be attractive for the potential customers. "If we find customers for the aircraft (among potential customers are defense and law enforcement agencies, Red Wings airline and Iran), they will get subsidies. The subsidy rates are being discussed", - he noted.

    "In fact, Tu-204SM project was intended for Iran. Intellectual property rights for PS-90A2 engine powering Tu-204SM partly owned by Pratt & Whitney (USA) were bought out", - the Deputy Minister explained.

    The contract between United Aircraft Corporation and Iran was blocked by the US State Department a few years ago. The country imposed a ban on import of American-produced goods to Iran. Earlier a source close to Tupolev design bureau reported that the financing of Tu-204SM project was ceased. According to the Deputy Minister, the research and development activities in the network of this project have been completed. The jet is ready for serial production.

    Tu-204SM derived from Tu-204 is powered by two new engines having an extended service life and higher reliability. The jet is also fitted with a new auxiliary powerplant TA-18-200M, digital air conditioning system and pressure control system. As compared to basic version of Tu-204 this jet has a better fuel efficiency (+10-12%) and serviceability. Tu-204SM may spend up to 9 hours in the air.

    Fars News (Iran) reported on Sunday that Russia proposed Iran to consider the possibility of purchasing Tu-204SM. The price of one jet specified in the proposal is $35 million (lower than the price of Boeing and Airbus aircraft of the same class).

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