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    Su-34 frontline bomber was put into service by Russian air forces
    Russian Aviaton » Thursday March 20, 2014 16:28 MSK

    In accordance with the decision of the government of Russian Federation, the new Su-34 frontline bomber was put into service, Interfax reports with reference to a source close to the military-industrial sector. He reminded that the bomber successfully completed all the necessary tests and its deliveries were started long ago. The serial Su-34s are being manufactured by Novosibirsk Aviation Plant.

    "Last year Sukhoi Company successfully implemented the first contract for delivery of 32 Su-34s to Russian air forces and started the implementation of the second contract for delivery of 92 bombers of the type”, - the source said.

    Commander-in-Chief of the Russian air forces, Lieutenant General, Viktor Bondarev, said earlier that the air forces plan to expand their Su-34 fleet to 150-200 jets. According to him, 16 Su-34s will be delivered to the air forces in 2014. "In total we will receive 150 vehicles of the type or maybe even 200 ones", - he said.

    He reminded that, 14 Su-34 bombers were delivered to the units of Western and Southern Military Districts in 2013.

    The equipment of Su-34 allows attacking several targets simultaneously. Great aerodynamics, large capacity of integral fuel tanks, fuel-efficient engines with digital engine control system, aerial refueling system and ability to use external fuel tanks allow Su-34 to have a range close to the range of a strategic bomber.

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