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    The contract between Russia and China for delivery of Su-35 fighters will be signed this year
    Russian Aviaton » Wednesday March 19, 2014 22:32 MSK

    The contract between Russia and China for delivery of advanced multi-role Su-35 fighters will be signed this year, ARMS-TASS reports with reference to a source close to the military-industrial sector. According to him, following the results of pre-contract talks the Chinese party may purchase from 12 to 24 Su-35 fighters.
    The source added that China is interested in purchasing Su-35 fighters, because the Chinese aircraft industry has already mastered technologies used during production of Sukhoi fighters purchased under previously signed contracts.

    "Today the Chinese aircraft industry needs new technologies, because the technology solutions implemented in the last batch of purchased Russian-produced Su-30MKK fighters have already been used", - the specialist noted. Speaking about the possible “duplication” of technologies implemented in Su-35 by the Chinese party, the source said that the Russian party “is taking it easy”.

    The president of United Aircraft Corporation (UAC), Mikhail Pogosyan, said earlier that any “duplication” in the aircraft industry acts as a brake on progress.

    "The aircraft is too complex of an object to copy it", - the president of UAC noted. According to him, the duplication of technologies (including unlicensed duplication) will not allow the aircraft industry to produce high-quality aircraft meeting all the latest standards.

    "The aircraft is like an organism, which is developing constantly. I don’t know any example of successful duplication of an aircraft", - president of UAC added. He also noted that the duplication of someone’s high-tech vehicles is not a way to progress; it gives some efficiency only at first stages of development.

    "If you are unable to keep your eyes on the big picture than you won’t be successful", - Pogosyan noted, speaking about foreign companies duplicating the products developed by other companies.

    The president of UAC also added that both Russia and China are looking forward in the network of their partnership. "I believe that our Chinese colleagues have already passed this stage (duplication) and reached a specific technology level", - the head of UAC stated.

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