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    The training of pilots for Su-30SM fighters was started in Russia
    Russian Aviaton » Wednesday February 5, 2014 19:24 MSK

    The training of young pilots of Russian air forces for the latest Su-30SM fighter has been started at Lipetsk Combat Employment and Retraining Center, RIA Novosti reports with reference to official representative of Russian air forces, Colonel Igor Klimov.

    "The training of young pilots (graduated from Krasnodar military flight school in 2013) for the latest Su-30SM fighter has been started at Lipetsk Combat Employment and Retraining Center. The interactive training system (computer based training), for example, allows the pilots to learn emergency procedures and practice in using different thrust ratings", — Klimov said.

    Su-30SM is fitted with new equipment to be studied by the pilots: integrated control system, new AL-31FP engines with a thrust-vectoring nozzle and augmented thrust, radar with a phased antenna array and improved self-defense system. "Su-30SM differs significantly from fighters currently operated by Russian air forces. It is fitted with a number of systems and equipment used in design of fifth-generation PAK FA fighter", — Klimov added.

    Su-30SM is the two-seat multi-role “4++”-generation fighter. It is intended for destroying air and surface targets using high-precision weapons. These jets should replace Su-27 fighters; Su-30SM has an upgraded avionics, which increases its combat efficiency, the representative of the air forces explained.

    The jet’s capabilities are also expanded due to increase of crew size - two pilots are able to detect targets, fight other aircraft and destroy ground targets simultaneously. The self-defense system was upgraded. Such fighter was fitted with laser and ultraviolet warning system for the first time.

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