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    The Bank of Russia puts a “Be-200” coin in circulation on February 3rd 2014
    Russian Aviaton » Monday February 3, 2014 18:38 MSK

    The Bank of Russia put a commemorative silver coin “Be-200” in circulation on February 3rd 2014 in the network of “The history of Russian aviation” series. The coin’s nominal value is 1 ruble.
    The head of the coin is decorated with a moniliform ring, an embossed logo of the Bank of Russia, standard of alloy, trademark of St. Petersburg mint and the value of weight of the precious metal.

    The reverse of the coin is decorated with an embossed image of Be-200 aircraft against the background containing color segments in the upper and lower parts of the coin. There are also two inscriptions: in the upper part – a full circle text «THE HISTORY OF RUSSIAN AVIATION”, and under the aircraft - «BE-200».

    Be-200 is the Russian amphibian aircraft developed by Beriev Aircraft Company. It is still unmatched by a number of parameters.

    The aircraft is a unique and multi-role one. Be-200 was developed using ideas implemented during development of its predecessor - A-40 amphibian aircraft. The aircraft are used for protection of water areas, ecological missions, fire-fighting, transportation of passengers and cargo. The export version of the liner is powered by Rolls-Royce Allison engines. The Be-200ChS aircraft performed its maiden flight on September 24th 1998.

    The production of Be-200ChS aircraft was transferred from Irkutsk Aviation Plant to Beriev Aircraft Company (Taganrog) in 2008. Irkutsk Aviation Plant supplies some components of the airliner’s airframe, in particular, wings. It was planned to upgrade the aircraft by the launch of its serial production in Taganrog. All the Be-200 aircraft manufactured after 2011 are fitted with a glass cockpit (it features Western system of units and indication system). The Restricted Type Certificate for Be-200ChS model (designated as Be-200ES-E in the certificate) was issued on November 10th 2010.

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