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    Sukhoi Holding Company ferried T-50 jet to Akhtubinsk in order to start the joint state testing
    Russian Aviaton » Tuesday February 25, 2014 15:35 MSK

    The T-50 (PAK FA) flying prototype performed ferry flight to the airfield of 929th Chkalov State Flight Test Centre (Akhtubinsk) on February 21st 2014 in order to participate in the joint state testing, press-service of Sukhoi Company reports.

    "The jet was piloted by Class 1 test-pilot, Sergey Chernishev. At present 4 T-50 prototypes are undergoing flight testing in Zhukovsky. Two more jets of the type are undergoing ground testing – one of them is an integrated ground rig and the second one is undergoing static tests. In the network of PAK FA test program the jet’s aerodynamic performance, flying qualities and dynamic strength have been evaluated and the functionality of its avionics and systems has been checked. The optical location system and radar with an active phased antenna array have also been tested. The tests have been completed successfully. The aerial refueling has been performed. Super-maneuverability modes are being tested. The ground testing of aircraft systems is in progress", - the company explained.

    PAK FA performed its maiden flight on January 29th 2010 in Komsomolsk-on-Amur. It has a number of unique features as compared to previous-generation fighters. Components made of composites, cutting-edge technologies, the jet’s aerodynamic configuration and stealth technologies grant a very low thermal and optical signature. Stealth capabilities dramatically increase the fighter’s combat effectiveness. The jet is capable of destroying air and ground targets under any weather and lighting conditions, the company noted.

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