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    The net profit of Aeroflot was over 310 million dollars in 2013
    Russian Aviaton » Thursday February 20, 2014 13:36 MSK

    The revenues of Aeroflot for 12 months of 2013 reached 206,277 billion rubles (increase of 29,693 billion (+16,8%) as compared to 2012), the carrier’s press-service reports.

    «The revenues increased due to higher demand for flights and growth of passenger traffic (+18,4% in 2013 as compared to 2012). The self-cost of sold goods, products and services was 165,605 billion rubles in 2013 (increase of 22,329 billion rubles (+15,6%)). The increase of self-cost is caused by the increase of passenger traffic», - said in the company’s statement.

    The outstripping growth rates of revenues (+16,8%) as compared to growth rates of the self-cost underlines the efficiency of the company’s cost management. The company’s gross profit amounted to 40,672 billion rubles (+7,364 billion or +22,1%). Aeroflot’s net profit totaled 310 million dollars [11,097 billion rubles (+8,056 billion or +265,0%)]. The growth of net profit in 2013 is connected with the increase of passenger traffic and profitability of flights along with increase of the carrier’s other earnings (income generated by selling shares in subsidiaries, positive exchange rate differences, etc.), the press-service noted.

    «Aeroflot’s total assets increased to 108,874 billion rubles in 2013 (+2,063 billion rubles or +1,9%). The company’s long-term liabilities reached 14,522 billion rubles (increase of 2,680 billion rubles or 22,6% as compared to 2012) due to BO-3 series bond issue in April 2013. At that the company’s long-term credit debt decreased by 1,481 billion rubles in 2013 (-16,1%). Aeroflot’s short-term liabilities stood at 38,530 billion rubles (decrease of 9,628 billion rubles or -20,0%)», - said in the company’s statement.

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