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    Russia plans to launch a powerful space observatory by 2020
    Russian Aviaton » Wednesday January 29, 2014 23:36 MSK

    One of the most important areas of activity of the Federal Space Agency (Roscosmos) is fundamental research, head of Roscosmos, Oleg Ostapenko, said during a conference held at Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Interfax reports.

    "In the network of the fundamental space research we will lay emphasis on special space observatories. We will launch the national space observatory with a very high sensitivity and resolution", - he said.

    Among other important objectives Ostapenko mentioned “development and production of spacecraft using a building-block principle and development of manned platforms”. According to him, the topical problem related to space debris must be solved.

    Ostapenko stressed the importance of cooperation between the industry and scientific institutions.

    "Today we have signed the corresponding agreement with Bauman Moscow State Technical University and we will sign similar agreements with the institutes of St. Petersburg and Kazan. These programs must yield the result – a specific product", - he assured.

    Speaking of a lunar exploration program the head of Roscosmos said that the research will be carried out both from the artificial satellite orbit and from the moon’s surface. "The delivery of moon soil is expected. Moreover, a permanent space station may be deployed on the Moon", - he said.

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