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    Russia implemented a contract with Azerbaijan for delivery of Mi-35M helicopters
    Russian Aviaton » Friday January 24, 2014 17:39 MSK

    Russia has implemented a contract with Azerbaijan for delivery of Mi-35M helicopters. Recently the last batch of Mi-35M helicopters was delivered to Baku under a contract for delivery of 24 helicopters of the type signed by the parties in September 2010. According to local mass media, Azerbaijan has also purchased Mi-35M simulators in order to train its pilots, Nezavisimaya gazeta reports.
    The order for Mi-35M helicopters was placed by the State Border Service of Azerbaijan; the deliveries were started in December 2011. Mi-35M helicopter outmatches Mi-24 in terms of speed, maneuverability, weight-lift ability and weapons used. These vehicles are intended for destroying armored vehicles and providing fire support, airlift delivery and medevac operations. The helicopter is equipped with advanced avionics, non-removable gun turret NPPU-24, guided and unguided missiles.

    It should be noted that Baku increases its costs associated with purchase of advanced military equipment and weapons year by year. Last year the officials allocated $3.7 billion for these purposes. At that, almost $1 billion was allocated for purchasing Russian-produced vehicles and weapons. The deliveries of ground combat vehicles under contracts signed in 2011-2012 were started last year. In particular, this refers to six battalions (94 ones) of T-90S tanks and (about 100 ones) BMP-3 infantry combat vehicles, division (18 ones) of self-propelled guns «Msta-S», division (18 ones) of multiple rocket launched systems «Smerch», division (18 ones) of Vena self-propelled cannons and battery (6 ones) of heavy flamethrower systems TOS-1A «Solntsepek» (new modification of “Buratino” system). At that the purchased T-90S tanks have the most advanced configuration including “Shtora” countermeasure system.

    According to local mass media, in recent years Baku purchased Russian-produced vehicles and equipment with a total value of $3 billion. The most part of these vehicles was demonstrated at the military parade dedicated to the 95th anniversary of Azerbaijan’s armed forces celebrated last summer.

    According to mass media, the military-technical cooperation between Moscow and Baku will expand in the coming years. During a period until 2015 Russia plans not only to deliver more vehicles and equipment to Azerbaijan, but also take part in development of Azerbaijan’s industry and personnel training. At the same time the sales volume of military vehicles and equipment during the period will reach $5 billion.

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