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    Irkut Corporation over-fulfilled the plan for 2013 in terms of deliveries of Yak-130 operational trainers
    Russian Aviaton » Thursday December 26, 2013 20:31 MSK

    Commander-in-Chief of the Russian air forces, Lieutenant General Viktor Bondarev, Assistant Secretary of Defense, Colonel General Alexander Zelin, and Director of Military Aviation Programs Directorate of UAC, Vladimir Mikhailov, visited the Irkutsk Aviation Plant on December 25th 2013.

    During the visit the parties have summarized the results of implementation of the state defense order by Irkut Corporation in 2013. «Irkutsk Aviation Plant fulfilled and even over-fulfilled the delivery plan, – Viktor Bondarev noted. – Two Yak-130s to be delivered in 2014 are almost ready; the jets will be delivered ahead of schedule», - Irkut noted.

    According to the Commander-in-Chief, in 2013 18 Yak-130 aircraft were delivered to Borisoglebsk training center of the Russian air forces and 14 Su-30SM fighters were delivered to Domna air base. «We have visited Domna earlier…in order to take a closer look at operation of the new jets. I would like to admit that these fighters are great and the pilots are satisfied. I am glad to say this, – he noted. – As a matter of fact we have been criticizing the industry for late deliveries and low quality of the products for years. Irkut demonstrates that the situation is improving: the industry manufactures high-quality products and delivers them every quarter instead of delivering all the jets at year-end. Therefore the pilots are performing flights regularly. The work of Irkutsk Aviation Plant sets a good example for other enterprises».

    The Commander-in-Chief of the air forces expressed confidence that the Ministry of Defense will sign new contracts with Irkut Corporation for delivery of Su-30SM and Yak-130 aircraft. Viktor Bondarev noted that in accordance with the president’s decision, the recruitment to the air force academies will be expanded. «The young men, who chose the real manly profession – aviation, as their lifework, will need more of these awesome jets, – the Commander-in-Chief said. – These vehicles will give boost to development of the air forces and will help us train the new generation of pilots, who will protect our country».

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