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    Tupolev Company received 4 supplemental type certificates for Tu-204/214 aircraft
    Russian Aviaton » Friday December 20, 2013 20:31 MSK

    During 2013 Tupolev received 4 supplemental type certificates for Tu-204/214 aircraft, Tupolev’s press-service reports.

    A supplemental type certificate №ST 233-Tu-204-120SE/D09 for Tu-204-100E and Tu-204-100V aircraft was issued on April 24th 2013: “On-condition maintenance of units of aircraft systems of Tu-204-100E and Tu-204-100V aircraft during 45000 hours of flying time, 25000 flights or 20 years»;

    A supplemental type certificate №ST 233-Tu-204-120SE/D10 for Tu-204SM aircraft was issued on May 31st 2013: «The Tu-204SM jet with an aircrew size of two members, powered by PS-90A2 engines, fitted with APU TA-18-200 and upgraded equipment»;

    A supplemental type certificate №ST 196-Tu-214/D13 for Tu-214OS aircraft was issued on August 22nd 2013: «Tu-214 aircraft with a modified cockpit layout, cabin layout and modified equipment»;

    A supplemental type certificate №ST 196-Tu-214/D14 for Tu-214 aircraft was issued on December 17th 2013: “The use of prepreg made by «Hexel» in production of Tu-214’s high-lift devices and empennage» (The decision on issuing the supplemental type certificate was taken on December 13th 2013).

    «In the network of certification of secondary changes made in a type design of Tu-204/214 Family aircraft (84 changes) the aircraft’s design has been improved, in particular, in terms of application of a new or/and upgraded equipment», - the press-service noted.

    All the certified changes made in the type design, both primary and secondary ones, are aimed at improving flight safety, expanding the operating conditions and increasing the efficiency of cargo and passenger services, the press-service noted.

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