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    13 Mi-28NE "Night Hunter" helicopters were delivered to Iraq
    Russian Aviaton » Friday January 10, 2014 12:47 MSK

    13 Mi-28NE "Night Hunter" attack helicopters manufactured by Russian Helicopters Holding Company have been delivered to Umm Qasr (Iraq), ARMS-TASS reports.

    According to As Sumaria TV channel, Russian vehicles will take part in antiterrorist operation to be carried out in Anbar province (Western part of Iraq). According to As Sumaria, this is the second batch of Russian helicopters delivered to Iraqi army lately. We remind you that 15 helicopters of the type were delivered to Iraq earlier.

    The first group of Iraqi pilots and technicians passed the necessary training at Torzhok training center in autumn 2013.

    Altogether Bagdad will take delivery of 40 Mi-28NE and Mi-35 helicopters and will use the helicopters for border control and anti-terrorism efforts. The contract between Russia and Iraq (total value about $4.2 billion) was signed in 2012 during visit of Iraqi president to Moscow.

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