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    The pilots of T-50 fighters received new anti-G equipment
    Russian Aviaton » Tuesday July 9, 2013 17:45 MSK

    The pilots of fifth-generation fighter T-50 received unique anti-G equipment compensating the pressure during sustained overload. The equipment was developed by NPP Zvezda; the kit comprises two anti-G suits and the system for compensation of pressure in lungs of the pilots. The equipment allows performing maneuvers with an overload of 9G and duration of up to 30 seconds, Izvestiya reports.

    According to the Deputy Chief Designer of NPP Zvezda, Nikolay Dergunov, the pilots will be offered 2 suits: PPK-7 anti-G suit and partial pressure suit VKK-17. The suit is chosen in accordance with the flying altitude — PPK-7 is suitable for altitudes up to 12 km, VKK-17 — up to 23 km.

    Both suits are connected to the inflation valve AD-17, which delivers air into the suit’s compartments and supplies oxygen to the pilot’s mask during overloads.

    According to the Chief specialist of NPP Zvezda, Mikhail Dudnik, the pressure of oxygen in the pilot’s mask reaches 6–7 atm during overloads. The system compensates the external pressure on the pilot’s chest by inflating his lungs. «This is our know-how, this system is unique», — he said.

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