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    The persons involved in a court case related to terrorist attack at Domodedovo airport sentenced
    Russian Aviaton » Wednesday November 13, 2013 14:42 MSK

    The court believed that the evidences collected by the Main Investigative Directorate of the Investigative Committee of Russian Federation (ICRF) are sufficient for sentencing Islam and Ilez Yandiev, Bashir Khamkhoev and Akhmed Yevloyev. Depending on their roles they were convicted in crimes pursuant to section 2, article 210; section 2, article 209, clause «b»; section 3, article 205, clauses «a, d, e, zh, z, l»; section 2, article 105, clause 3; article 30, clauses «a, d, e, zh, z, l»; section 2, article 105, clause 3; article 222, section 3, article  223 of the Criminal Code of Russian Federation (affiliation with criminal community, banditry, act of terrorism, murder, arms traffic, illegal manufacture of weapons), press-service of ICRF reports.

    The court sentenced Bashir Khamkhoev, Islam and Ilez Yandiev to life in prison. Akhmed Yevloyev was sentenced to 10 years in prison.

    «The investigators did a great job to collect evidences. They have carried out over 600 expert examinations, including linguistic, psychological and psychiatric, photo portrait, explosive and technical, biological and forensic medical examinations. As a result the investigators determined the role of each defendant», - the press-service noted.

    At present Federal Security Service and Ministry of Internal Affairs are working on locating and arresting Doku Umarov, Aslan Byutukaev and other persons put on the wanted list in connection with this court case.
    The members of the gang Bashir Khamkhoev and Akhmed Yevloyev escorted Magomed Yevloyev, the suicide bomber, in Ingushetiya, provided him with a residence, food, cloth and shoes, exchanged US dollars into Russian rubles, provided the bomber with travel documents and passport, delivered him to the bus terminal in Nazran and made sure he got on the bus safely, the press-service added.
    Yandiev brothers picked up Yevloyev in Moscow. They purchased necessary cars and communication equipment, carried out reconnaissance in the airport, found and rented a flat in Moscow intended for accommodation of the suicide bomber and storage of self-made explosive device, purchased ammunition and other goods for the gang members. Islam Yandiev also took part in preparation of another act of terrorism, which should have taken place in Moscow in spring 2011.

    "During investigation, the ICRF tried not only to solve this crime but also to neutralize the gang responsible for the terrorist attack. Three days after the attack the identity of the suicide bomber was confirmed. The first accessory was arrested the week after. It took the investigators and Federal Security Service two more months to arrest other suspects. It was found out that the terrorist attack was arranged by the leader of Imarat Kavkaz criminal organization, Doku Umarov. He controlled the gang headed by Aslan Byutukaev, which organized the act of terrorism. The gang’s base located in a forest in Ingushetiya was destroyed during a special-forces operation carried out in 2011. Most of the gang members were killed and the rest were arraigned", - the press-service added.

    21-year-old Magomed Yevloyev, set off a bomb fastened to his belt at Domodedovo's arrivals hall at around 16:30, Moscow time, on January 24th 2011. 37 people died and another 172 were injured in the blast. 

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