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    Russian Helicopters Holding Company will deliver the first Ka-32A11BC helicopter to Belarus
    Russian Aviaton » Thursday October 24, 2013 13:57 MSK

    Russian Helicopters Holding Company (subsidiary of Oboronprom, part of Rostec State Corporation) and the Minsk city department of the Belarus Ministry of Emergency Situations have signed a contract for delivery of Russian-produced fire-fighting Ka-32A11BC  helicopter fitted with a horizontal fire-fighting system. It is planned to use the helicopter to fight fire in the high-rise buildings of Minsk, the holding company’s press-service reports.

    The fire-fighting Ka-32A11BC helicopter equipped with water cannon will be the first one of the type to be delivered to Belarus. The deliveries should be started in 2014.

    “At present a number of high-rise building are being constructed in Minsk in the network of an urban development program. For example, the height of Parus apartment building and Royal Plaza administrative block is more than 130 m, while the height of Gazprom tower and Minsk Tower block will exceed 150 m. It is almost impossible to fight fire in high-rise buildings without special equipment under restrained urban conditions. The best solution for fighting fire in skyscrapers is using fire-fighting helicopters”, - the press-service explained.

    Some experts believe that Ka-32A11BC is one of the best rescue and fire-fighting helicopters in the world. EASA certified the Ka-32A11BC helicopter in 2009. The vehicle meets FAR29 and AP-29 standards. The medium multi-role coaxial Ka-32A11BC helicopter is intended for search-and-rescue missions, construction works, fire-fighting, cargo transportation (inside the cabin or using an external sling), logging, evacuation of injured persons, as well as patrol missions and support of special-forces operations.

    “The helicopter is ideally suited for rescuing people and fighting fire in high-rise buildings. Ka-32A11BC has over 40 different pieces of fire-fighting equipment. The helicopter was being successfully used for fighting fires around the world over a long period of time. The vehicle is operated in Russia, Canada, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, China, Austria, South Korea and Indonesia. Thanks to its coaxial configuration Ka-32A11BC helicopter is able to hover close to a fire source under conditions of turbulent airflows and effectively fight fire on the upper floors of high-rise buildings and skyscrapers. Ka-32A11BC became the symbol of the Global Helicopter Firefighting Initiative (GHFI) in early 2013. In summer 2013 the helicopter was involved in fire-fighting efforts on the Indonesian island of Sumatra. The Ka-32A11BC was developed by the Kamov Design Bureau and is being manufactured by Kumertau Aviation Production Enterprise, both of which are Russian Helicopters companies”, - the press-service added.

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